The Travel Book At Christmas – Great Christmas Experiences

It is Christmas so what better way to celebrate the season then to talk about travel and fun things about the festive season. This year we are going to explore a lot of the different topic around the subject and take of look at different cities, countries and everything in between. The fun thing about going abroad at Christmas is that you get to have different experiences in different cities.

There have been some really interesting ones for me that I will always enjoy thinking about and here is a few of them….

Basel Zoo, Switzerland

One Christmas Day we decided to go to the zoo in Basel, firstly because it was open and secondly because who else can say that they have been to a zoo on Christmas Day? We decided to go first thing in the morning and whilst there were a few families there it felt like a lot of the time we were in the zoo by ourselves. It was such a unique experience and because there wasn’t a lot of people around, the animals were more active. Being Winter in Switzerland meant it was bitterly cold so we had a hot chocolate in the cafe and because it was Christmas they gave us free chocolate with our drink.

Navy Pier, Chicago

The one time I really felt I had entered Christmas Land from Nightmare Before Christmas was when I visited Navy Pier in Chicago. I have never been to something as Christmassy as this place in the hall it had a huge rocking horse (the height of the room) a candy cane bouncy castle and a jolly jail – really magical.

Universal Studios, Orlando

When we spent Christmas in Tampa, we decided to spend 2 days of our holiday in Orlando. We felt being in a warm state meant if we wanted to find Christmas we should really go all out for it. Universal was a really magical place to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as there was so much to see! Christmas shows, parades and obviously lots of rides, The best place was the Dr Seuss land as it just oozed of Christmas.

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