Off The Record – EP FOCUS – The Malignant Fire, Refused

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new EP by Refused – The Malignant Fire


This song is a track with a really unique guitar melody that invites you into this EP and creates a sense of eeriness whilst also building this great foundation for rock music. This is a really good song to listen to it sets you up for the type of music that Refused do whilst also refreshing their sound at the same time. The lyrics are an essence of darkness which is reflected in the punchy music in the chorus and the drama the drum brings to the verses.

Born on the Outs

This song starts with this really dramatic guitar rift that creates this sense of mystery. One thing that is striking is the way the drum gradually comes into the song, they different element of the beat happens throughout the first verse to create an angry yet striking song. This song is a true hardcore punk song, the lyrics are punchy and the song and the song is loud and proud and it is a really good track.

Organic Organic Organic

This song welcomes itself to your ear first with this really sassy bassline that opens up the musical experience to this really melodic song that feels like a theatrical piece in a hardcore sense. It is a song that oozes strong and dominant rock sounds that would be interesting to hear live.

Faceless Corporate Violence

I have listened to a lot of Refused in the past and the one thing that I would say that is true to their style is there is always a shouty moment in their song and that the songs are vibrant and loud. I would say on the EP this is a song that defines their styles in a sense as this is a common style with the band and it is nice to still hear it in their new music as well.

Jackals Can’t Be Bothered To Dream

This is the last song on the EP and it ends the track on a bang, it is full of flat notes used in a clever way to create this obscure introduction to the track. This song again reflects their original style and has a lot of guitar riffs to be excited about.

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