In The Games Corner….- Goof Troop, Super Nintendo Entertainment System

They are a Disney spin off cartoon show that are pretty popular so it was only right that there was a computer game to do all about these guys. Goof Troop was an action adventure computer game that was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systemin 1993. The game was developed and published Capcom and was designed by Satoshi Murata and Shinji Mikanu.

In the game you get to play as either Goofy or as his son Max who on a fishing trip see a pirate ship kidnap Pete and PJ who they have mistake as their leaders. The whole aim of the game is to explore Spoonerville and help save their friends and sort the confusion out.

In the game you have to explore five different areas of Spoonerville Island including a beach, village, haunted house, cavern and pirate ship. The two characters are different in their playing styles – Max moves a lot faster and Goofy moves a lot slower but gains less damage. In the game you have to solve a number of puzzles and once you defeat a number of them you have to beat the boss.

The game received mixed reviews and it was criticised for being a game that is not very challenging but was still great fun.

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