In The Games Corner… At Halloween – Clock Tower, Playstation One

All this month we are looking at Halloween based computer games. Today we look at a survival horror point and click game that was released on the Playstation One on the 17th July 1997. Clock Tower was inspired by the Italian Horror film director Dario Argento who is known for the film Phenomonia. The game was produced by Hiroyoisu Ichizaki and published / developed by Human Entertainment.

The game is based around a fictional character called Jennifer who is adopted by a wealthy recluse called Simon Burrows who lives in a mansion called the Clock Tower. The whole game is based around exploring the mansion and like any horror story it is full of lots of scary things you need to fight.

The game is a point and click adventure game where you control Jennifer and guide her around the mansion. The villain you are trying to avoid is called the Scissorman – whenever you face him in the game you enter a panic mode. To beat him you have to find traps to kill him.

The game was met with positive reviews with people praising it for the graphics and sound to create a powerful atmosphere. This game is also considered one of the leaders of establishing the simulation horror genre.

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