Online Show Of The Week – INTERVIEW – Basic Bubbles

This week we are talking to a brand new YouTube show that only started over the summer! Today I chat to Cameron and Pandora who both work in National Newsrooms and wanted to do a show that airs every Sunday night to discuss current news aimed at the younger generation. Welcome to the world of Basic Bubbles!

Hello there tell us a little bit about yourself!

Heya! We’re both journalists in our day-to-day roles working in national newsrooms, at the heart of your news in the UK. But we’re also just like anyone else in our mid-20’s. Finding the right balance between partying, socialising, affording the city and having a great time together.

Tell us all about the project that you are bringing to the online world at the moment?

We wanted to create a platform for young adults to have light-hearted fun and talk about the news in an engaging way. We’re creating a conversation and getting our viewers involved every week, and we thought what better way to do than over a glass of bubbly?!

What times does it run throughout the day?

It’s available 24/7 365 days a year. As well as Youtube, we’re on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. @basicbubbles / @basicbubblesldn

How much does it cost , what platform etc?

The good news for you guys, it’s totally free to view!

How was the project formed?

Pandora and Cam have always been involved in presenting videos and, seeing as they’re such good friends who are well informed enough to chat about current topics, they came up with the idea of doing it in a relaxed way. Basic Bubbles wants viewers to have a virtual experience of chatting in a bar with friends and a glass of bubbly in hand. We don’t know what to expect (we still don’t) but that’s the fun of making and viewing it!

How has it been going so far?

Amazing – every week is different, we don’t play it safe by any means, we’re happy to discuss and chat over all sorts. Essentially, as a viewer, we want you to feel like you’re hearing a juicy conversation in a busy bar.

You have great chemistry on the screen – how long have you been friends?

Thank you! We met at University, studying Broadcast Journalism so 4 years ago now! We’ve stayed in touch since graduation, and both ended up in London. The rest is history!

Do you plan what topics you are going to discuss or is it improvised?

We take it for what’s happening right now in the news agenda, so it’s as fresh as it can be. We like talking about the hot topic of the moment to get everyone fired up. We welcome viewers’ opinions on the topics we chat about. If you have any suggestions get in touch!

With everything happening in the world at the moment, why is it so important to have activities like yours available?

It’s easy to get stuck in the heaviness of the news. It can be quite upsetting. We hope our channel will bring some light-hearted relief, but also give these more ‘hard’ news topics some thought and a safe space to speak honestly and openly. 

Ok, so what are your favourite alcoholic beverages and why?

The name gives it away, bubbles, but we’re also partial to a GNT.

What can people expect over the next few weeks from your project?

Expect embarrassing moments, honesty, laughs and a different look on what can sometimes be a repetitive news agenda.

If people want to find out more about you on social media where shall they visit?

@basicbubbles or @basicbubblesldn – every follow counts 🙂

Finally why should people get involved?

It’s 10 minutes of your time every week, we cost nothing, we bring something different, laugh with us, crack open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the ride!

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