The Travel Book – Le Maison de Bois, Macon, France

Finding a good place to eat in France isn’t that difficult as you can get a pretty decent meal for a reasonable price. However finding an amazing meal, well, that really is the icing on the cake.

In Macon, we were there for a limited time and was just exploring the town and we stumbled across this really unique building that ended up being a restaurant. We are always a bit wary about going to restaurants that look like they are going to be a tourist trap but we noticed that a lot of the locals were going into it so we saw it as a sign and went in.

Le Maison de Bois is located on the Place Aux Herbes in Macon. It is open daily between 7:30-23:00 (although times may be different at the moment due to the pandemic). The unique building dates back to the late 1400s and inside is a French Brasserie. it is known as the oldest house in Macon as well as being one of the most famous.

Before we take a look at the food lets look at the building itself. The outside is made entirely out of wood and is covered with naked masked men and monkeys with some of the silhouettes holding heads. It really is an interesting building to look at before you have even entered for food.

Now lets talk about the food because that is what we are all here for. There is a variety of food and menus available depending on what time of the day you visit. Some of the food on offer includes Filet de dorade, pesto de basillic et ratatouille maison (Sea Bream, pesto and ratatouille), Adoulette de troyes sauce moutarde a l’ancenre et pomme anna and Entrecote sauce gorgonzola, frites, salad (entrecote steak, with Gorgonzola sauce, fries and salad) just to name a few.

When we went I had the Plat du jour – the food was so tasty and the wine was local and lovely as well. Highly recommend.

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