The Single Sessions – Mamma Mia Girl, Sam And Sounds

Welcome to the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the brand new single from Sam and Sounds called Mamm Mia Girl, that is released today!

This isn’t your average pop song, it has a real mix of pop and sort of indie to it to create this sense of uplifting sound. The song automatically introduces you to this cheery acoustic guitar mixed with this catchy little melody by Sam and Sounds. The ukulele creates this summertime vibe which is quite nice and fresh sounding. It is quite exciting to have a song like this released at this time of the year because the sound of it is something that the world needs right now.

The lyrics are easy to hear and that is really important in a good pop track as if you are a fan you will want to sing along. They are relating to the film Mamma Mia but there is enough content in that song that you can dissociate with that and just listen to it as a individual song, which makes it very clever in it’s style.

The electronic sound that intertwines throughout creates this really intersting tone to this track and the highlight is the dominent drum beat and the guitar melody throughout.

It is a song that has a feel good vibe to it and if you are looking for a track to listen to on an autumnal day to lift your spirits then this is it.

Listen to If you like: Louis Tomlinson, The Vamps, The Kooks, The Cribs, Niall Horan

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