REVIEW: Lovefool, Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham

All this week Rachel E Thorn has been performing her one woman show Lovefool at the Bread & Roses Theatre in Clapham. Tonight is the last chance you will get to see the show and we sent a guest reviewer to the Phoenix Remix, Jane Quill, to watch the show on opening night on the 29th September 2020.

REVIEW: Lovefool by Rachel E Thorn – Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham 

This is a perfect show to bring you out of lockdown and back to live theatre! Funny, moving and  full of nineties nostalgia.  

Rachel finds herself alone after a long marriage and launches herself onto the dating scene to find  a replacement for her loveless husband. But what does she want? What does she really, really  want? Iconic 90s toys hilariously take on the characters of her pragmatic close friend, her larger than-life mother, her self-obsessed ex and new astrophysicist boyfriend, Matt. They all have their points of view, but what will Rachel decide is best for her? Can Sugar Magazine provide  the answers she seeks?  

This one-woman show is an insightful piece of writing with some very clever comedy. Rachel  effortlessly brings her world of characters to life as she puzzles out where her future lies. The  delivery is beautifully natural and slick and it works excellently in this little pub theatre. The  laughs come thick and fast but it is not without its poignant moments. A perfect antidote to  lockdown blues. Credit to the Bread & Roses for keeping the theatre Covid-secure. See it if  you can. 

Rating: ***** 5 Stars

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