Meet The Funny Women Awards 2020 Finalists – INTERVIEW – Christina O’Sullivan

On Tuesday, The Comedy Store is opening to do it’s first ever gig since Lockdown with a very special event, The Funny Women Awards 2020 Final. Since the 1st of April this years event has been running online with 320 entrants all competing to win in a place in the final that has seen comedians such as Katherine Ryan, Sara Pasco, Desiree Bunch, Sarah Millican and Kerry Godliman all make it and gone onto become household names. Over the next few days we have exclusive interviews with the finalists! This afternoon we speak to Christina O’Sullivan

Hello there tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Christina – I am 29, from Ireland but have been living in the UK for a while – currently based in London. 

How did you get into comedy?   

I used to do debating when I was at university, so I think that gave me a taste of speaking in front of people. I started doing some spoken word poetry and sometimes would read funny poems and people would laugh and I thought ‘this is nice’. I did a comedy course with Thanyia Moore at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and things just continued from there. 

You are one of the finalists of The Funny Women Awards 2020! How did you react when you found out?

My housemate and I celebrated with some beers (thanks again Rob for lending me your laptop for the semi-final). I then ate some noodles and watched ‘I’m thinking of ending things’ on Netflix.

Why is it important to have awards such as this one?

It’s a great way of highlighting the talent of female comedians, particularly the variety of styles out there. 

You have the live final coming up – how are you feeling about it?

I am excited and a little bit nervous but mainly excited. 

And it is in a venue! That must be exciting to be performing back on stage?

Yes! I just hope I can remember how to hold a microphone…..

What one of your jokes are you most proud of?

I have a haiku to explain that you can’t ask for rape which I am quite proud of. But I also do a cabaret act as a mermaid and make a joke that is just a silly pun and I think that may get the most laughs.


Who are your comedy heroes and why?

Hannah Gadsby because seeing Nanette at the fringe me laugh and cry and want to finally give comedy a go. Thanyia Moore for being such a great motivator and an absolute powerhouse on stage. I also love Katya and Jujubee from Drag Race. 

Tell us about the writing process for your shows – do you have any specific ways to motivate yourself?

When I have an idea I tend to take a voice note, listening back to them is a wild ride through my subconsciousness. I also try to see a variety of different performers. 

With everything happening in the world this year have you been able to do any shows or  content online?

Not really aside for some webinars about fish for work. I have mainly been singing Sondheim songs in my room and making hats. 

What three things have you learnt about adapting to performing online?

  1. To use my face more – I practiced with my friend who does clowning
  2. Consider using props or some element of the environment you are in
  3. Double check your technology

What are your plans for 2021?

To survive the pandemic….and maybe get to the Edinburgh Fringe. It would also be nice to see my family again. 

If people want to find out more about you, where can they go on social media?

@ChrisShineA on twitter and with added underscores on Instagram @chris_shine_a

Finally in three words, why should you win the Award?

I’m a trier. 

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