The Magic Of The Music Video! – The All-American Rejects Month – Swing Swing

As you may know, I am a Video Editor – and one of the things (probably the main thing) that inspired me to work in television post production was actually music videos.

Music videos are one of my favourite things in the world and I spent hours and I MEAN literally hours when I was growing up watching them Even now in the modern world, I can find myself getting lost on YouTube watching music videos for hours on end – they are an addiction.

This month we look at a band that I have always liked from the first album when I was at school I think I came across their music initially through the music video for Swing Swing and really liked them and found them very different to the music I was listening to. Since that first song I have been a fan but some of their music videos are truly amazing the editing techniques that are used to create a narrative. That is why we are looking at them this month!

The All-American Rejects – Swing Swing

Why did you choose this particular video?

I always think it is important to have a look at the first music video by a band especially if it is the main reason as to why you listen to them in the first place.

So, what is the narrative?

The band perform in a small trailer park and there is a narrative of a young couple that intertwines throughout that looks at them breaking up.

Favourite parts of the video?

The first shot of the video it a really interesting one because it sort of welcomes you into the world of the bad whilst also setting up the location of the music video. You can tell that it is something like a garage because there is a lot of ‘junk’ surrounding the band, The roof looks like it is very basic and I feel this stripped back approach sort of connotes that this band are trying to portray how down to earth they are and maybe reflects their previous life of practicing songs.

When the video is focussed on the couple the style of the frame completely changes to reflect the vision through the camera lens that is set up in the first shot of the couple. This is a really effective and simple shot transition as it allows you to differentiate between the two locations. The shots are slightly faded in colour and I think this is to connote memories of the couple together.

Throughout the video there are many close up shots of Tyson Ritter in between the shots of the couple. This sort of shot creates a sort of emotion to the video and makes you believe the narrative that is being sung about. The shots of the band are edited a lot short as well compared to the couples story which again makes the focus still be strongly on the breaking down of a relationship.

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