The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg

When you go on holiday, there are a few things that make a good hotel room. One is comfort and feeling relaxed, another is the amenities and the final important one is not hearing your neighbor’s TV, noise etc. One of the most relaxing comfortable hotels that I’ve stayed in is the Sofitel Hotel in Luxembourg.

The Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal is located on the 35 Rue du laboratare. It is about a 15-minute walk from the station in the Town Centre. The five-star hotel has a range of rooms on offer, everything from a classic room all the way up to a suite.The hotel has a restaurant, a rooftop bar and many facilities available including private Valet Park in the fitness center and the concierge just to name a few.

We stayed in this hotel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2019 and whilst we were probably one of the few people that stayed in the hotel it was exquisite. The staff are really friendly the view from the rooftop bar was lovely and the room service is very nice. The thing that was this star of the show is the bedroom. It was spacious modern quite big and really felt like we’d escaped from everyone. On Christmas Eve the hotel even gave us a small panettone and bottle of apple juice to wishes Happy Christmas.

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