Celebrating Comedy Month With Swipe Right – INTERVIEW – Meet Carly!

This month we are celebrating comedy and the act at the forefront is improv act Swipe Right. This year they were meant to be performing their very first Camden Fringe as well as holding their annual Summer Fling extravaganza but due to the pandemic that has been put on hold. So to make up for not being able to perform we decided to interview them to find out all about the act! So we have a huge interview with the troupe going out this month! As well as an interview we are also speaking to the players individually to find out all about them! Today we are talking to Carly!


Photo Credit: Bob Stafford

Player Name: Carly

How long have you been improvising?
Over 7 years

How did you get into improv?
I wanted a new thing to do outside of work and was lucky enough to come across Hoopla

What is your favourite style of improv and why?
Connected and clever. Silly and vulnerable. I think I just like seeing people feeling supported enough to let go.

Who are your top 5 favourite improvisers and why?
A few spring to mind but improv is much more about the community and working together than picking out individuals.

What is your favourite warm up game?
Any that gets people smiling and out of their heads

What are the three top tips anyone has ever taught you in improv?
One that springs to mind is “don’t fuck it up”.

What are some of your favourite new acts you have come across this year and why?
In the year of COVID I have not see any!

How would you describe your personal sort of improv?
A bit goofy I guess. With some wisdom thrown in for good measure.

Describe each Swipe Right member in one word.

Rosie – passionate. Robin – loyal. Andy – moustache

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