Off The Record – EP REVIEW – Dear Life EP, Mathilda Homer

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new EP by Mathilda Homer – Dear Life

Breakup Breakfast

This is the first song on the EP and you are introduced with a really funky electronic sound, but also a sound that you would compare to someone like Kate Nash or Lily Allen. This song has a real UK sound to it and it relies on the keyboard stylings that it creates an upbeat song that can easily be listened to throughout the summer on a chilled hot afternoon. The song comes across as quite delicate with some lyrics that’s also contradict this. It’s a pretty little song.

Dear Life

This is the title of the EP and as I always say, the title track always needs to stand out in its own way hence the reason it’s called after this song. This song is very slow compared to Breakup Breakfast and is introduced with twinkling of the high keyboard or piano keys. It’s quite as soolful song with a lot of emotion dictated through both the lyrics and the melody. This song is really sort of mellow which highlights the emotion being dictated.

I Hate That I Love You So Little

Each song on this EP has a very different sound and style to it. Whilst they all rely on a temperate drum beat with a Soulful base, the actual style of the songs are very individual which makes this a really interesting EP to listen to This song has really interesting lyrics and the way that the music is quite quiet in this song these that you really focus on the words that are being said which feels a little bit like a metaphor to the title because the lack of Music means it could metaphorically emphasize the love in the relationship.

Too much

The way that the keyboard is played in this song in a slow mysterious way sort of takes you on a journey. It allows you to paint a picture of emotion regret and sadness. Even though it is quite a soft full start of song. It does feel like it’s the experimental song on the EP and it’s an interesting way to break up with the songs. And also again that’s another area of talent of this musician.


Right from the start this song reminds me of Finley Quaye. It has a really intense and winding intro which allows you into the song and jump on board to the sort of weirdness that you introduced to. It is more upbeat than most of the EP. It does intertwine between the rhythms and quiet spots which again creates the impact of a Finley Quaye song. It is also an interesting way and also a melodic way to end an EP.

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