In The Games Corner – BOARD GAME MONTH – Cranium

The last game of the month can be defined as one big party as it brings so many fun elements into a game. It took us a while to buy this board game but when we did, we really enjoyed it Cranium was created in 1957 by Whit Alexander and Richard Taught. The board game was manufactured by Hasbro and was promoted as a ‘game for the whole brain.’

The board game is broken up into four clear sections to connote the topics available. Each of the squares that you move around the board have a different color which reflects a different topic on offer. Topics include read for fun facts, green for act and hum, blue for sketch and sculpt, yellow for word puzzles and finally purple for Planet Cranium where you can choose a topic.

The game is for 4 plus players and can last on average 35 minutes. It is also for 16 years old and up. There are many varieties of spin-offs and expansion packs that you can buy as well.

I remember this game being great fun to play and the fact that you have lots of different topics to play throughout the board means that you don’t get board of the game that easily. My personal favourites were humming out songs and also sketching for people to guess what it was.

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