Comedy Book Corner – I Must Say, Martin Short

He is known as one of the United States comedy legends but apart from a Netflix Special and the film Three Amigos, I wasn’t sure that I knew who Martin Short was. From reading his autobiography I realised that he is in so many shows that I have watched and I didn’t even realise – that is one thing about Martin, he is the master of disguise and is famously known for his character work.

Whilst I thought I was not familiar with Martin, this has been one of my favourite Comedian autobiographies I have read. Right from the start you automatically start to like Martin as the first chapter throws you right into the action and even has some laugh out loud moments. Martin’s career all begun with improv and lead to him going into a career in comedy so if you are an improviser you may find this book particularly interesting.

You discover very early on that Marty is close friends with Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy and of course Steve Martin and throughout the whole book you come across a lot of charming and fun stories all about them. This book is really interesting because it gives you an insight about comedy in America through the eyes of someone who wasn’t always the lead in films and worked to get where he was.

The character work of Martin is the most fascinating to hear about and throughout the book there are interludes where he goes into detail as to how he created some of his iconic characters and its really interesting to find out about and also inspiring to those who want to do sketch work.

Whilst a lot of the book is funny there are a handful of sad moments and the way that Marty welcomes you into the book you feel strong emotions when these sad moments happen.

It is a book that you don’t want to end as there is so much packed into a book that is no more then 350 pages. If you are into comedy you have to read this.

Readibility Rating: ***** 5 Stars

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