In The Games Corner – BOARD GAME MONTH – Game Of Life

All this month we at looking at different board games, today we are looking at one that has so much history that we are going to keep it as brief as we can. To find out about all of the history then search for Game of Life online to read more.

The game was originally created in 1860 by Milton Bradley and was called The Checkered Game Of Life. It sold 45,000 copies in it’s first year and was enjoyed because of it’s strong moral message. Jump forward to the 1960’s and the modern version of Game of Life was Created.

The board game basically follows the contestants through their life. You choose a counter (In the version that we had it was a car) and you go through the decisions in your counters life such as what they should study at college, what their profession is, if they marry, have kids all the way to marriage and death. Along the way you collect money and have to face challenges.

There has been many versions released over the years, I can’t remember what specific version we had but it was around the noughties. From what I remember, I used to like the game and making the decisions and it always made me wonder what the future held for me. It’s weird looking at the game now because the future always looked so far away.

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