Five years – wow! That has gone so fast and I cannot believe how much the website has expanded in that time. The last year has been exciting seeing how much our readership has grown.

Over the past year we have had some fantastic people start writing for us and they have covered everything from reviews, to comedy, to travel and much more. At the beginning of the year we were able to hold two charity nights to raise money for Arts4Dementia and the Douglas Bader Foundation. We planned to do a few more but at the moment Covid-19 has put our plans on hold. With these live shows we also introduced our improv house team the Phoenix Players too.

So in year 5 we will try and bring you lots more content, more reviews and interviews on the way. We already have some fun things in the works so I hope you will enjoy!

So thank you again for looking and reading this website and in true birthday tradition – here are ten articles from the year.

1) Interview with Stella Duffy

Date Posted: 26/7/2019

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/07/26/newcastle-improv-festival-interview-stella-duffy-improv-for-writers-masterclass/

Reason for article:  Last year we covered the first ever Newcastle Improv Festival and this lead to interviewing Stella Duffy. Stella was such an interesting person to sit down and talk to that I learnt so much in the process of interviewing her about her work. Give the interview a read if you missed it before.

2)  Funny At the Fringe Review – The Noise Next Door Really Really Good Afternoon Show

Date Posted: 10/8/2019

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/08/10/funny-at-the-fringe-review-the-noise-next-door-really-really-good-afternoon-show/

Reason for article:  Last year we covered the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a big way. We interviewed and wrote over 200 articles on the festival and we were even there for a few days to see some of the shows. This is one of the shows that we went and reviewed.

Reason for article:  Last year we covered the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a big way. We interviewed and wrote over 200 articles on the festival and we were even there for a few days to see some of the shows. This is one of the shows that we went and reviewed.

3 Women Of Improv Month – INTERVIEW – Kate Knight

Date Posted: 28/10/2019

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/10/28/women-of-improv-month-interview-kate-knight/

Reason for article:  Last year I decided to do a months celebrating women that perform improv. All together I think I interviewed around fifty individuals and it was such an interesting feature to be a part of. It was also one of the most read features that we have done on The Phoenix Remix and gained just over 7,500 reads. I would love to do something similar in the future as it I learnt so much along the way as well. This is just tone of the many interviews that I did under this theme.

4) The Peoples Improvisers: Emily Brady

Date Posted: 28/10/2019

Link To Article:https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/10/28/the-peoples-improvisers-this-week-emily-brady/

Reason for article:  This year we asked members of the Improv Community to talk about other improvisers they find inspirational and why. We had a variety of different people from all different improv backgrounds write for the theme including Improv Treehouse hose Emily Brady

5 ) Review: Impractical Jokers, Bournemouth

Date Posted: 5/10/19

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/10/15/review-impractical-jokers-the-cranjis-mcbasketball-world-tour-bournemouth-international-centre/

Reason for article: We reviewed a lot of shows this year and one of the acts that we went to was Impractical Jokers. This review was our most viewed article of 2019 and did exceptionally well in America so it had to be in our running order.

6 ) Improv Community Heroes – Owen Scrivens

Date Posted: 25/11/2019

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2019/11/25/improv-community-heroes-owen-scrivens/

Reason for article:  This year Rachel Thorn from Between Us wrote many articles from us including this fantastic strand called Improv Commnity Heroes. Rachel interviewed acts up and down the country to find out more about the local communities. This is just one of them interviews – this time with Owen Scrivens.

7) The Travel Diaries

Date Posted: 01/04/2020

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/04/01/the-travel-diaries-my-family-came-to-visit/

Reason for article:  This year we expanded our travel writing output by having another writer jump aboard. Paul Blayney is a Travel Writer and Travel Photographer who is currently travelling around New Zealand. It has been fantastic to have someone write about the are of the world that we haven’t yet explored.

8) REVIEW: England Is a Garden, Cornershop

Date Posted: 13/3/2020

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/03/13/review-england-is-a-garden-cornershop/

Reason for article:  This year we also had a fantastic reviewer jump on board called James Walsh. Over the past year he has reviewed comedy shows and music. Here is one of his reviews.

9 ) INTERVIEW: Why Not Start The Decade With This Epic Music Challenge

Date Posted: 2/1/2020

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/01/02/interview-why-not-start-the-decade-with-this-epic-music-challenge/

Reason for article:  I really like interviewing people about unusual achievements and this is definitely one that I found interesting. Ziggy of the sketch act The Scribbling Ape made it his challenge to listen to every single album Rolling Stone Greatest Albums list which was 500 albums in total. Give this interview a read, it is really interesting.

10) Magic Of The Music Video – Alkaline Trio – Help Me

Date Posted: 20/2/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/02/20/the-magic-of-the-music-video-alkaline-trio-month-help-me/

Reason for article:  I am a Video Editor and something that lead me into the career I do is my fascination with music videos. At the beginning of 2020 I decided to write about a different band or musician each month about music videos I love and why I adore them from an editor / motion graphics perspective. This has been one of my favourites so far to analyse.

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