Funny At The Fringe – REVIEW – The Noise Next Door, Really Really Good Afternoon Show

What afternoon show comes with wackiness, great props, a member nearly falling off the stage dressed as a dinosaur and another being nearly knocked out by an audience member? I don’t think that there are many that you can list off the top of your head but the family friendly show by Noise Next Door had all of these whilst also still maintaining the fact they are a show kids can enjoy.

This year the Noise Boys have decided to theme their afternoon show on the theme of time travel and to do this they use a badge on their shirt called a B.U.T.T – a great joke for the children in the audience and also a very intelligent and creative technique they have created that the adults in the audience can applaud them for.

The show follows the basis of most of their productions – short form games relevant to the theme of the show – they go above and beyond in props to really heighten the experience for the adults and the imaginations for the children. This show has lots of audience participation where the kids get a chance to be the stars with their fun suggestions and the adults get a chance to be the idiot and join the gang on stage – either by choice or predominantly by their kids nominating them.

The game does not just stop with the audience though. I have been watching the Noise since 2013 and have seen their original line up right to now. The best thing I found watching the Noise this time was the way they constantly pimp up their newest and also youngest member Robin. At first it is not that evident but as you watch the games go on they like trying to make him do as many silly things they can – it ended on the day I saw them with Pepsi being poured down the back of his trousers!

The highlights of the show was the thing that they are always fantastic at and that is the music games they are so in sync with one another and the way they improvise lyrics up on the spot that appeal to both children and adults is fantastic. The show ends in a really fun finale that i won’t give too much away but the day I saw it an audience member nearly accidentally knocked Matt out and Sam nearly fell off the stage.

If there wasn’t madness it wouldn’t be the Noise Next Door. They are sort of like the boyband of improv – they appeal to all, their ‘lyrics’ are addictive, their ‘songs’ are unforgettable and you will countdown the days to when you can see them again! Go and see this show, children or adult you will be engaged at warp speed and won’t want it to end. Sadly time travel doesn’t exist without a B.U.T.T badge….

RATING: ****’ 4.5 Stars 

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