Media Madness!

Media Madness – This Week – Television Shows

Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order!

Topic of the week – Television Shows

Everyone loves looking for new television shows to watch and binge and with the access to so many online streaming platforms now it is really easy to access so much content! So here are a list of a few shows I love that may be good for you!

Best Dramas 

Gotham – Whilst I am not a fan of gore this show is amazing, it is one of the best dramas I have watched based around the comic book universe on television. The characters are just so well developed, the stories are phenomenal and I don’t think I came across one bad episode. I was sad that it ended but in some ways its very good it did because you want it to end strong not poorly.

Once Upon A Time (apart from season 7) – This is a perfect example of a show that ended badly but was an amazing show up to that point. It took me a while to really get into this show but once I understood the concept I became addicted.  It is such a clever show and it is so well written and the graphics are amazing. The last season however is awful it is not needed and it completely ruins a good thing. End at season 6. DO NOT watch season 7 – it contradicts everything and is super annoying.

You – I initially watched this to see what all the fuss was about and then I found that I had watched all of Season 1 (which was the only season available at the time) . It is a very good drama, it is a really interesting watch but I do reccomend reading the books too.

Best Reality

Cutthroat Kitchen  – My favourite sort of reality show is cooking – I watch so much of it and you can guarantee that the Food Network is always stuck on my television when I am at home as I find it relaxing and I really enjoy it. One show I love but we do not get in the UK and only in America is Cutthroat Kitchen. It is a cooking competition where chefs compete to win money but have to bid on silly objects that will make others struggle in rounds. Here is a mini trailer.


Storage Hunters – When I say this I ONLY mean the US version the UK version is so bad and shouldn’t exist. The American version is so good, the drama the characters, the fun! It really is a show that you can just have on in the background and then really get into it.

Cake Wars – I have said already that I adore cooking shows and cake decorating ones are right up there, Cake Wars is really interesting the themes that they have and some people can go really creative with their designs. Although saying that at times the judges are so bias and its really annoying.

Ru Paul – I mean Ru Paul Drag Race is great fun. It is full of lots of great entertainment but the main reason I watch it is the runway – I really enjoy seeing the fashion that they create from nothing.

All Time Favourites

Chuck – When I was at University one of my housemates introduced me to the world of Chuck and I became hooked. It is such a fantastic show – the narrative, the comedy, the music, the romance, the action – it has everything. I love that the show has so many amazing stories. It was sad when the show ended but it finished really well so much so that it leaves you wanting more.

The Big Bang Theory – I have always used BBT as a sort of comfort blanket – when I moved to Newcastle and had no internet for a month I spent a lot of time watching the DVDs, when I need to wind down and go for a sleep, I watch BBT. It is a show both me and my family watch a lot and it is a show that is always on when you go abroad – I have seen it in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. I really like this show and season 3 has some of the best episodes.

FRIENDS – Could there BE anything better? Well no. I love Friends and I never get bored of it. There are some fantastic episodes and some of them are so hilarious. Chandler is my favourite character and I really like the older episodes more then the newer.

The Office US – I love the Office US and adore all the characters in it – whilst some episodes are not the greatest a lot of them are and I Love Steve Carrell he is a very good actor and I adore him in this.

Mr Bean  – I love Mr Bean it always make me laugh out loud the physical comedy is amazing and it is one of those shows I can watch over and over again and never get bored.

Vicar Of Dibley – This is another show that really makes me laugh out loud and I watch it so much, it is an amazing show and just so well written. It makes me sad in some ways to watch it now because a lot of the cast has past away.



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