28 Days later: In Lockdown (Week 3)

Week 3 can you believe it? 3 weeks of lockdown in New Zealand and I’m starting to get really tired of this. I’m writing this at the end of the week so I’m technically on day 22 and the Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) is talking about what life will be like under level 3 lockdown (which they aren’t saying will definitely happen). But honestly it doesn’t sound much different to how my life is right now. So it doesn’t really make me look forward to the future. Anyway as you can see I’m still plodding away. Just getting on with daily life and slowly going a little nutty (because of the walnuts. Get it?)

Day 15 – Coconut and Lime Salmon with stir fry veg served with rice. (Leftovers)

Get up. Exercise. Run. 12.7km. Shower. Call mum and dad. Call James T. It’s his birthday back in England. Off to work. Washing walnuts. Again. I put a load of laundry on. Lunch time. I make a breakfast burrito. Its yum. Hang my laundry. Work on posting last weeks blog. Download the footage Jonathan sent for a video for his Grandads birthday. I promised I’d edit it. Wow the internet is slow today. Whilst I download that and upload pictures for my week 2 blog I paint one of Ben’s photos. Still not all uploaded/downloaded. I practice guitar. I finally finish my week 2 blog and send it to Paige. See what she thinks. There’s still a little sun so I will sit and read for a bit before editing. Need more tea. Time to edit. I realise I can’t do the edit as I’m not exactly sure what Jonathan wants. I do what I can. Bring my laundry in. A little too early for dinner. I start watching Guardians Vol 2. Time for dinner. Leftovers. I finish watching Guardians. Time for bed.

Film – Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Some laugh out loud funny moments in this film. Drax is a great character.
Music – The Hard Aches – I get like this
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 6 Mary Poppins and 5 Burke and Wills (Australian Explorers)

Day 16 – Stir fry veg with noodles

Get up. 2 sets of exercise. Shower. Make tea and call Ulrike. Chat about the world and life. Call Mum and Dad. Try calling Lauren but she doesn’t answer. I want to create an art challenge for all my friends. Need to come up with an idea. Time for work. It’s so hot and sunny today. Good thing I bought that sun lotion. Lunchtime. My speaker is still playing up. I sit in the sun and eat a hot cross bun with my family. It’s good Friday. Time to get on with some tasks. I feel like drawing. So I do. I draw Wolverine based on a picture I saw on instagram. It’s too hot to sit outside and paint. I’m sweating. The paint needs to dry so I have my guitar lesson. I go back and finish the painting. Honestly I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so happy with it. Time to sit in the sun and read. It’s so peaceful in the garden. I pause my reading to finish my exercise for the day. Two sets. I forgot I need to edit the video for Jonathan! I quickly do that before anything else. I don’t want to miss his Grandads birthday. I finish it. Hopefully Jonathan likes it. And his grandad! I chop the vegetables for dinner before Paige calls. We watch You. Time for dinner. Film time. Spider-man Homecoming. I love this film. Tom Holland is by far my favourite live action Spider-man. Bed time

Film – Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Hollands first full feature outing as Spider-Man. He does a great job. The film a great super hero take on the classic coming of age teen film of the 80s.
Music – The Beatles – Revolution
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 4 The Academy Awards and Ep 3 The Beatles (A brief History)

Day 17 – Veggie Burritos

Exercise is hard when you first get out of bed. Run. 7.5km. Shower. Breakfast. Call Mum and Dad. Mum seems so much better. It makes me feel better. I call Lauren. She seems good which is also nice. I go out to work with the walnuts. Washing them, sorting them, drying them. All the fun walnut related activities. Time for lunch. I don’t fancy eggs today. I will have beans in my dinner tonight which should be enough protein. I sit in the sun with my family again. Thijs and I go to the supermarket. The queue is round the block so we change our mind. I get most of my stuff from the local supermarket. It doesn’t have as many options and is more expensive. But there are a lot fewer people. I fancy playing guitar. I really want to learn some Frank Turner songs. My picture for today is an alien in a spaceship suggested by my friend Saga. I decide to draw Rick and Morty flying by someones planet. This is the challenge I set to my friends. Send me their version of an alien in a spaceship. I go and see Thijs and we play Kub in the garden. My feet get cold but it’s fun and I win. I put on Frank Turner’s latest live stream while I cook and eat dinner. Thor: Ragnarok is my film tonight. Directed by the awesome kiwi Taika Waititi. Bed time.

Film – Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel has definitely hit it’s stride around this time. All the films are amazing. This is a great blend of action and comedy. Directed by one of my favourite directors
Music – Frank Turner – Nashville Tennesse
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 2 Australian rules Football and Ep 1 Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?

Day 18 – Vegetable Soup and Chicken and Veg Stir Fry

I wake up. It’s dark and I don’t want to get out of bed. I get up and shower. Do a conference call with most of my family back in the UK. It’s nice to chat to everyone. More exercise before heading off to work. I test 2 bins of walnuts. They are both dry. Play musical walnuts and empty them in to storage bins. Now off to washing. Fill 1.5 bins. Lunch time. I’ve been invited to dinner so I will have my left over burrito for lunch. I draw the backstory for the Octopus vs cat cartoon I drew for Beth last week. It turns out pretty well but I don’t spend ages on it. Then I colour an Easter egg for a family competition and I turn it in to an Easter walnut which I think is quite funny. Time for my guitar lesson before chilling with a cup of tea and my book. I’m enjoying reading again. I love losing myself in a book. Thijs asks for help with a logo for his new business. Time for a little bit of Black Panther before dinner with my family. Dinner goes well. Wilma bought me a chocolate bunny and some eggs which was a lovely surprise. I eat and chat for a while and then head off on our separate ways. I get back to my film. My bluetooth speaker is really starting to annoy me. I need to fix this problem. Time for bed.

Film – Black Panther. Michael B Jordan is awesome in this film. So is Andy Serkis actually. A great cast all round. I saw a joke once. Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis are the Tolkein white guys of the film.
Music – Damien Rice – Woman like a man
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 16 Curse of the Pharaohs and Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Audio Book

Day 19 – Veggie pasta with a tomato sauce

I wake up. It’s getting harder to get out of bed. I exercise and get ready to run. My legs are agreeing with my brain and are giving up. I only manage 6km. I shower, make breakfast and call my Mum. She seems so much better. She’s started drawing at my request and she seems great. Dad is good and hopefully he will like the drawing I’m going to do for him today. I still have time before work so I call my sister and we chat which is nice. Off out to the walnuts and go through the motions. Same thing everyday. Lunch time now. It’s sunny but windy. I don’t think I will sit outside to eat. I do some work on some logos for Thij’s website before drawing my picture for today. I need to wait for some paint to dry so I play my guitar. My fingers are hurting today. It’s hard work. I finish my drawing and I’m pretty happy with it. I send it to my dad and post it to instagram. I check youtube and MrSundayMovies has a new video about how short films are made. It’s fascinating and I watch the short film it’s talking about. Rebooted. It’s amazing. I wish I had been more motivated and dedicated when I was younger. I wonder where I could be now or what I could have achieved. No time to dwell. I’m really getting in to my book. I’m enjoying these little moments in my daily life. Time flies. It’s dinner time. Some sort of tomato pasta. Comfort food. Technically Avengers Infinity War is next on the Marvel list but I decide to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp first as I want to watch Infinity War and Endgame back to back. It’s colder tonight. I put the heater on and make a Milo. I feel a little lost as my film finished early. Might as well go to bed.

Film – Ant-Man and the Wasp. Some laugh out loud funny moments in this film. Not an essential Marvel watch but it’s pretty fun.
Music – Biffy Clyro – Bubbles
Podcast – Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Audio Book

Day 20 – Veggie pasta with a tomato sauce

Rest day. I wake up. Can’t get out of bed. I force myself. Exercise. Shower. I call Louise, one of my best friends from the UK. We chat. I hate that all people have to talk about is the Corona virus. But that’s all I have to talk about as well. I call mum and dad. They both seem good. Mum complains how it’s cold and she has to put her heated blanket on. Off to work. The pressure washer dies halfway through my shift. We can’t fix it so I do other bits and pieces before finishing early. Put on Will Varley whilst I make my lunch. I’ve heard the name before but never listened to him. I like his music. What should I do first today. Guitar? Draw? Read? Ooooh the possibilities. I play guitar. Nelson asks for my help with the broken washer. I help. I then test the moisture level of a bin and empty it. Time to paint. I call Kiana and we chat whilst I paint a picture of my sister at Milford Sound. My mum likes it. It was for her. I read, chat to friends and watch Youtube for a bit. Dinner. Leftovers. I watch Captain Marvel. Yes I know it’s out of order. But like I said yesterday I want to back to back Infinity war and Endgame. Thijs and I go to the supermarket and it’s weird seeing everyone. Back home and I watch an Episode You with Paige. Then bed.

Film – Captain Marvel. I actually watched this film last month. BUT I’m watching the whole MCU so it has to be included. It’s fun.
Music – The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon
Podcast – The Weekly Planet Ep 330 Movie Castings That Nearly Happened and How To Get Your Movie Made (with Michael Shanks)

Day 21 – Another round of Veggie Pasta. I made soooo much.

Wake up. Exercise. Run. 12.8km. I feel pretty good this morning. Shower. Breakfast. Call Mum and Dad. Off to work. The washer is still broken. I try to help Nelson fix it. We fail. Lunch time. I finish watching Captain Marvel over lunch. I feel like I need to edit a new project. I make a list of things I need to do. I keep forgetting things because I haven’t had a notebook in a while. Luckily I picked one up at the shops last night. I play guitar for a bit. Try and learn a couple of Frank Turner songs. I always struggle trying to work out the strumming patters. I feel the urge to be creative so I draw. Batman today. It turns out pretty well. I feel like I should have just stuck to the head. Trying to do the body was pretty tough. The cape looks cool though. I need to show my aunt and uncle a film I made about my family coming to New Zealand. I must remember to do that. The drawing takes longer than expected. It’s time for dinner. More leftover pasta. Pasta by Angie McMahon plays in my head for some reason. I put on Infinity War whilst I eat. Holy cow this film is good. I saw this at the cinema twice and I’ve loved it every time I’ve watched it. So many cool little moments as well as a cool over arching plot. This sort of thing makes me very excited. I do a little editing. I have a new project in the works which I’m a little excited about. Read for a bit in bed and then sleep.

Film – Avengers: Infinity War. I remember seeing this in the cinema and just wow. I geeked out so much. I have been waiting for this for ages and I was not disappointed.
Music – The Black Keys – 10am Automatic
Podcast – Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Audio Book

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