In The Games Corner – Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City, Super Nintendo

Today we look at a game that featured one of the world’s biggest basketball stars. Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City was released on the 11th March 1995 in the EU, it was developed by Electronic Arts and published by Ocean. It was a side-scrolling action video game that was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

From reading the synopsis of the game, it brings back nostalgic memories of Space Jam but from looking at the plot the two are not related. The game follows Michael Jordan as he has to try and save his team mates from Scientist Maximus Cronium who has abducted them.

Throughout the game you have to journey through a number of different levels beating the enemies along the way. In the game you have different fighting abilities depending on what basketball you pick up throughout the level. For example, one ball freezes the surface and the other acts like a bomb. In each level you have to find a key to unlock different doors to rescue team mates.

There was a lot of mixed reviews about this game – it was praised for it’s graphics but it was criticised for a lot of other things such as the gameplay which was apparently intense, complex and extremely difficult to control.

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