Improv Corner – Telling A Story

The other week, I came across this image on Instastories and whilst the person who posted it doesn’t do improv I think that it is a very fun idea that I think it is a very fun idea that depicts the way we we tell stories. The person who shared it was using it to describe how he tells a story in a conversation but I think it is a great depiction to as to how improv works.

tell a story

Telling a story isn’t always straight forward, especially when it comes to improv, when you are making up stories on the spot it is not always going to be straight forward. There is going to be strands left, right and centre that can be tangents but that is ok because how else are you going to create a story?

Sometimes these loose strands can lead to some excellent stories being formed on stage especially if there is a team of you – it means that someone can take a nugget of these strands and create a great scene and narrative to bring something fun to the story. Just like all improv and some storytelling there will be a sections that are messy or do not make sense but that is fine, it is bound to happen!

So, whilst this image may look like it is a negative depiction of storytelling, I disagree, I say embrace it and make it something wonderful!

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