In the Games Corner – Socket, Sega Genesis

Today we look at a Sega Genesis computer game that was a fast paced platform game that some felt was similar to Sonic The Hedgehog. Socket was released on the Sega Genesis on the 17th August 1993.

You play as a duck like character called Socket who is technically a robot. Socket has to stop the evil Tim Dominator from stealing treasures from the past. The aim of the game is to defeat the enemy and fix the flow in time. Throughout the game you have a number of abilities that you can do in the game play such as jump, kick and run really fast. Due to the fact that Socket is a robot you have to make sure that you keep him fully charged and throughout the game there are many batteries for you to collect to keep his life up and running.

Throughout the game there are seven different zones that you need to visit and complete to finish the game. Some of the worlds you visit include The Labyrinth Zone, High Speed Zone and Athletic zone just to name a few.

The game got reasonable reviews from the critics although I did see one website that said it was one of the 10 worst games of the nineties. Saying that, on average it got 65 out of 100 from the critics.

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