28 Days Later: In Lockdown (Week 1)

In case you didn’t know the world has gone to shit. We are currently in the middle of a pandemic which is unlike anything we have seen in recent years and it is causing the world to shut down. I am currently in New Zealand and we are currently in a 4 week mandatory lockdown to try and stop the spread of the virus. This is a little fun/honest account of my daily life in my new world. I call it 28 Days Later: In Lockdown.

Day 0 – Pesto Pasta

I start the day in Auckland. I hang out with my little cousin, drawing, playing, bouncing. Peter drives me to the airport. I’m anxious it will be busy. It isn’t. It really isn’t. It’s dead. There are 20 people on my flight. Nelson picks me up from the airport. I’m anxious again. I get to my Aunt and Uncles house and settle in to my studio flat. I’m hungry. I 

walk to the shop. It’s further than I thought. I call Paige to cheer me up. I cook Pesto pasta. Easy. Filling. I watch Feel Good on Netflix. I got to sleep.

Film – None
Music – Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Supervillain
Podcast – The Weekly Planet Ep 327 A weird Disney plus Deep Dive

Day 1 – Stir fried Veggies with rice

I wake up early and feel positive. I go for a big run. 20km. I shower. Have breakfast. There were no bananas at the shop. I plan my lockdown life. I create a board to keep me motivated. Run. Push ups (20s). Sit ups (20s). Burpees (20s). Work. Draw/read/write. Film/TV. Guitar (mins). Phone a friend. Tea (cups). These are my goals each day. I’m feeling positive. I complete all my goals. I sit in the sun with tea and read. It feels good. I have stir fried veggies and rice for dinner and watch Iron man. I’m going to watch the whole MCU I’ve decided.

Film – Iron Man. Still a good film, the one that started it all.
Music – Angie McMahon – Pasta
Podcast – None

Day 2 – Stir fried Veggies with Rice (again)

I wake up and run again. 6km. I shower, have breakfast, call Mum and Dad. I need to call them everyday. I’m worried about my mum. I brush my teeth. I go to work on the farm. Washing Walnuts and sorting them. Fun. I listen to music to pass the time. The afternoon is mine. Ronja calls me. We chat about life in lockdown and what’s been happening in our lives. It’s a nice surprise to talk to her. I go to work on completing my board. I read. I write. I play guitar. I paint a whale. I watch Vikings. Dinner time again. Leftovers. Another cup of tea. I watch the Incredible Hulk

Film – The Incredible Hulk. Pretty good actually. I like Edward Norton.
Music – Ben Howard – End of the Affair (Live on Jools Holland)
Podcast- None

Day 3 – Veggie Burrito

10km run. My legs hurt. It feels good. Call mum and dad. Still worried about mum. Dad seems good. Wash and sort walnuts again. This time I listen to Do Go On podcast. It passes the time quicker than music and I laugh. A lot. It rains but I keep working. The afternoon is mine again. I complete my board again. Keeping the routine. Trying to stay positive. I watch Vikings. I read Dark Matter. I paint a dream. Life seems ok. Dinner is a Veggie Burrito. I watch Iron Man 2 before I go to sleep.

Film – Iron Man 2. Rhodey has had too much plastic surgery. So has Mickey Rourke
Music – Frank Turner – I am disappeared
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 228 Spider-Man: Turn off the dark and 229 The Eiffel Tower.

Day 4 – Veggie Burrito (again)

No run. But I work out. Making sure I complete my exercise goals. I call Lauren. Then Mum and Dad. I have breakfast. Go back out to work with the Walnuts. I listen to Do Go On again. I laugh again. Maybe this isn’t so bad. I get wet again. I shower to warm up. I need snacks. I cycle to Foursquare and spend too much money. More goals completed. I draw a quail. I’m pleased with it. I talk to Kiana. It’s nice to hear her voice again. Carice calls me. She’s so cute, she shows me her drawings. She’s started to colour in-between the lines. She also told me how she saved her parents from being locked out of the house. Burrito again for dinner

Film – Thor. The first Thor. Thor has blonde eyebrows and facial hair. It’s off-putting. But a good movie
Music – Bear’s Den – Isaac
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 230 The Kelli Peters ‘Mystery’ and 231 The Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar.

Day 5 – Noodles with veggies

12.8km run. My legs hurt and I get wet. But it’s good. Too wet to clean walnuts. Start this blog instead. Keep moving forward. Still worried about mum. I wish I could help her more. I will call her everyday. Must remember to call Lauren more. Need more tea. I want to learn The Ballard of me and my friends on guitar. It’s raining. I can’t work. I start writing this blog. I play guitar. 30 Min guitar lesson. Paint clouds for Kiana. Still raining. Lunch. Call Mervi. Talk about the worlds problems. I read. I exercise. It’s still raining. I watch a film. I’m feeling the boredom creep in.

Film – Captain America: The First Avenger. From skinny to buff and he saves the world!
Music – The Hard Aches – Family
Podcast – None

Day 6 – Noodles with veggies (again) (are you seeing a theme here)

Get up. Push ups. Sit ups. Burpees. Run. 8.2km. I’m tired. I call Mum. She seems better. I call Lauren. I call James. Off to work. I can’t start the quad bike. I work it out. I collect the walnuts. I wash the walnuts whilst listening to Do Go On. I can’t help but laugh. I’m so hungry. When is lunch. Why am I so hungry. I feels good to eat. I sit in the sun. It’s hot. Guitar lesson. Time to paint. Too hot to sit in the sun. Why am I still hungry? I feel tired. I realise I haven’t pee’d all day. I’m dehydrated. I work on fixing that. I drink water. I feel better. I read. I have dinner. Watch TV. Time for bed

Film – Avengers Assemble. This film still gives me goosebumps.
Music – Nirvana – Come as you are (MTV Unplugged Version)
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 222 Frenzal Rhomb and 139 John Belushi

Day 7 – Penne Pasta with a vegetable tomato sauce

10km. My foot hurts. Maybe I’m pushing myself too hard. I call mum and dad. Off to work. Washing and sorting Walnuts again. I’m tired. I think there’s a rat in my roof. I didn’t sleep well. Need to do laundry. The weekly planet cheers me up. Like always. I remember to drink more water. I don’t feel as exhausted today. Time for lunch. Salad wrap and fruit. I work on a drawing. A tattoo for Yordi. It’s one of my best drawings ever. Guitar lesson. Strumming patterns are hard. Time for some sun. Reading in the garden. Nelson shows me how to test the walnut moisture content. I sit in the sun again. I bring my laundry in. I call Paige. Time for dinner. Finish watching Avengers. Watch Iron Man 3. Bed.

Film – Iron Man 3. Not the best Iron Man film. But there are some cool version of the armour
Music – Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
Podcast – The Weekly Planet Ep 328 The History of Robin and Do Go On Ep 136 Che Guevara

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