In The Games Corner – Conkers Bad Fur Day, Nintendo 64

Today we look at a platform game that was released on the Nintendo 64. Conker is a red squirrel that is a heavy drinker and he is also the hero in the game Conker Bad Fur Day. The game was released in early 2001 it was developed by Rare and published by THQ.

Conker is on a quest to try and get home to his girlfriend after a night of binge drinking whilst the King is looking for a red squirrel to replace the leg of his table that is missing as it has been broken or stolen. There is a lot more to the plot but that is the ins and out’s of it.

The game was developed over four years and it was a platform game. In the game you have to travel through 3D levels where you have to raise a certain amount of cash before you can move on. The levels have a number of tasks that you need to do to help other characters. Some of these challenges can include solving puzzles, racing, gathering and searching for objects, and defeating bosses.

The game also has a number of multiplayer challenges as well, these include the options of Beach Raptor, Heist, War, Tank, Race and Deathmatch.

Conkers Bad Fur Day received critical acclaim and scored really high review ratings and many publications declared it had the best graphics on the Nintendo 64. The main reason for this was because the graphics featured a number of effects that were uncommon at the time including dynamic shading, coloured lighting and lip syncing. The game has a legacy and over the years has been re-released and sequels have also been added.

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