Media Madness!

Media Madness – This Week – Top 10 Cities

Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order!

Topic of the week – Top 10 Cities

1) Chicago – In 2011, we were trying to decide where to go in America for a summer holiday. We were not sure where we wanted to visit and I suggested Chicago – why? Well, one of my favourite bands Fall Out Boy spoke so much about the city in their lyrics that it made me want to visit. We researched it and decided to go there and it was the best decision we made. So much so we went back there for Christmas the same year as well. I love Chicago so much, I adore the way it feels like a mix of London and New York City, I adore the way that the city is built, I love the interactivity of art installations and I adore everything about the city.

It is only in the past few years I discovered it was the place where improv came from, to me it was never about that. There is so much I love about Chicago and I would love to live there. I know there is a lot of violence there these days but as a city, I have never come across a city like it and I adore it to the bone but it is the music that took me there not improv.

2) New York City – In 2010 I lived in NYC for three months and I fell in love with it – it is true what they say there is no city like New York. Even in that amount of time I feel that there was so much of that city I did not get to explore as it is so huge! I loved the fact that there was always something going on and that there is just so much to see. I would love to live there again the future to really experience more of the buzz of the city.

3) Copenhagen – I went there for the first time this year and really liked Copenhagen, it is such an efficient place, there is so much transport to and from the airport, everything is super clean and also its pretty quiet as well. I really enjoyed my time there and desperate to go back to experience more, I love the art projects to get people exploring the countryside that they may not visit normally, I adore the fact that you can be minutes away from greenery, I love how quaint everything is. It really is a great city.

4) London -“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” A quote that I believe is true – anytime you go to London you always see something new or something different is happening. When you are commuting on a daily basis you don’t really notice the beauty of the city but if you take a step back, you really can see so much beaut in this city.

5) Angouleme – This small town in France is like no other that I have been to as it is just so creative and there is no other place like it. Angouleme is the home to an annual cartoon festival and all around the town they have cartoon characters drawn on the buildings and it just makes it so special. We didn’t realise it was such an iconic thing at first and then we found the trail around the town and it was so fun to keep an eye out for them!

6) Ljubljana – I went to visit my Slovenian friend and she gave me the grand tour of this city and I really liked it. The buildings are grand, the view from the castle are wonderful and it is just a pleasant place to walk around. I highly recommend a visit.

7) Bournemouth – I went to university in Bournemouth so I will always have a special place for this city in my heart. I loved living by the sea, I deliberately got a job on its doorstep so I would spend a lot time by the shore. Whilst I don’t think I could live there again, it is always like a trip like down memory lane when I go down there now but there is always a sens of emptiness as well because no-one lives there anymore.

8) Berwick-upon-Tweed – When I lived up north, I went and visited Berwick as a day trip not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised it is a lovely town with a great history. A lot of art was painted in the area and they have a trail you can follow that shows you the locations of these paintings. I found this trail by accident and walked for miles and miles and I had so much fun and saw so many wonderful locations.

9) Edinburgh – I have visited Edinburgh a lot of times but the time that the city comes alive is when it is Edinburgh Fringe month. It is just so alive and I love the buzz that you get from so many acts and comedians and people in town. Everytime I visit when the fringe is on I walk away with a huge smile on my face, tired feet from walking so much and aching ribs from all the laughter.

10) Madrid – I have only been to Madrid once and would love to visit again as it is such a thriving city with so much to see! The buildings and the palaces are magnificent and has such a charm to it. I went on a really hot summers weekend so I found it too hot to walk for miles but I would love to return to be able to explore much more.

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