ImproFestUK 2019 – INTERVIEW – Derek’s MoJo present “Fun, Fast and Feminist”

As part of ImproFestUK 2019. Dereks Mojo. A hybrid improv adventure that weaves traditional improv games into a long form narrative. I caught up with the troupe to find out all about their set tomorrow night.

ImproFestUK 2019 – Derek’s MoJo present “Fun, Fast and Feminist”

dereks mojo 2


Date: Monday 15th December

Location: Courtyard Theatre, London

Price: £11.37

Time: 8.30pm

Ticket Linkhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/improfestuk2019-dereks-mojo-present-fun-fast-and-feminist-tickets-83063241391




Hello tell us a bit about your troupe?

Monica Gaga and Jodyanne FR are Derek’s MoJo, a female improv duo who boast a love for improv, storytelling and fun times.

Three things about Monica. If it wasn’t for her pushy Russian Grandma she wouldn’t have been put on the journey to find improv(her words). She’s the weekend host at Hoopla Impro. She has a very loud laugh and even louder snore.

Three things about Jodyanne. She was born in Australia. She was raised in Hong Kong. Currently working on two feature films – playing an aged theatre impresario in Dr Theatre and working as a script developer on a Nottingham based project.



You are performing at impro fest this month how are you feeling?

Beyond excited, this is our first full length show and creating it has been so much fun.


Have you performed at the festival before?

Yes, as part of ‘Improvisers Anonymous’, which was the group that Derek’s MoJo met in.



What do you have in store for the audience?

Laughs, garsps, perhaps tears and of course it will be fun, fast and feminist storytelling in the Derek’s MoJo style.



There are a lot of great acts performing what other ones are you hoping to see?

Don’t make us pick we want to see it all.



It’s near Christmas as well are aiming in bringing a bit of festive cheer to your set?

If it’s in our hearts, it will be in the story, but we never know where Mo and Jo will end up. That’s what makes it fun.



What’s the best thing about performing at a improv only festival? Is there any difference between performing at that to a normal comedy festival?

The audience are ready for improv and already on board for the journey you are going to take them on. Improv promotes such joy, so if you are open to improv, you are open to have a great time.



If people want to know more about you where can they follow you on social media?

@dereksmojo on Twitter and Instagram, Derek’s MoJo on Facebook and all our things are at dereksmojo.com



Finish this sentence – you should see us at Impro Fest 2019 because….
it’s time for some fresh fast-paced improvised storytelling with heart and fire, by two kick-ass women who are fun, fast and feminist!



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