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The Travel Book – The Moxy, Edinbugh, Scotland

if you haven’t visited Edinburgh before there is one ting that you need to know – the airport is not that far away from the City Centre. There is a 24 hour bus service that takes approx 20-25mins door to door, meaning that if you stay at the airport in a hotel, it is not a big deal as it is easy to get back and fourth – and you are near your flihts – what more do you want?

The Moxy by the Marriott Bonvoy has not been open for very long but that does not mean there are any negative resulst for it being new. The hotel is about is about 10-15 minute walk from the airport and is right next to the bus stop.

The aim behind the Moxy brand of the Marriott is that is is designed to be affordable prices whilst also creating comfort for the customer. The one thing I noticed from the get go, is that the hotel is quirky, not necessarily in the rooms but definitely in the halls and the foyer which means that a lot of the time you find yourself looking around everywhere to see what you can find. The reception is connected to the bar which is at first hard to realise that is what it is but when you realise it, you admire the cleverness.

The rooms range in price and size including the moxy Sleeper all the way through to a family room – prices vary depending on what time of the year you head to it.  I stayed in the hotel in August and since it was busy season because of the Fringe I was expecting it to be really busy but even if it was, the room at night was silent and I got a fantastic nights sleep.  I really hope that they don’t build a lot around the hotel because the view from the room is so scenic – looking out at the fields and hills in the background.

I really liked this hotel, I found it really relaxing and also a great place to stay. The staff are really friendly and it is a great place to stay if you are looking for somewhere pleasant.

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