Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Sunset Strippers

We have briefly spoken about Sunset Strippers on here before as if you remember there was a bit of drama in relation to the band Cabin Crew   where their version of a song went higher up the charts but Sunset Strippers version stayed a lot longer – well today we look at the band as a whole.

Sunset Strippers were an electronic group that was formed of Harry Diamond, Sergei Hall and Kieron McTernan,  They are famously known for the song that caused a sample battle with Cabin Crew that is mentioned above. The Sunset Strippers song Falling Stars sampled the Boy Meets Girl song Waiting For a Star To Fall and it did well in the UK charts.

The band were known for a few more songs as well that reached the top 30 in the UK – Cry Little Sister was originally written by Gerard McMahon and was the theme tune for the Lost Boys and they remixed it for the charts. Another couple of songs that they released include The Switch. So lets have a look at their music today.


Falling Stars



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