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The Travel Book – Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Today we head over to a market town which is located in the Cotswolds, in Gloucestershire. The town was built during the Iron Age and it is a place where archaeologists have found Roman Pottery and Coins. Moreton- In-Marsh is a quaint little town with lots of pubs, tea shops, restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts. It is a place people visit to explore other areas in the Cotswolds and also a place walkers can wonder in the beauty of the views.

There is also a lot of history in this town – apparently, J R R Tolkein had a lot of different connections to the town, Apparently some areas were used as inspiration to some of his ideas and stories. Some of these locations include the Four Shire Stone and The Prancing Pony.


When I was 17, I went to Moreton-In-Marsh in the summer and at Christmas  and the only thing I remember about it vividly is the walks outside of the town – there is some really wonderful walks in the countryside. There is some lovely lakes nearby and also so much green. Also there is a lot of cows nearby as well – one of the walks that we did we had to walk through loads of jersey cows – it was eerily quiet and not something I would do again in a rush as they look at you as they chew grass.

Moreton-In-Marsh is a nice place to vist and easy to get to from London as you can get a train from Paddington. If you fancy a weekend away, why not give this place a try.

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