Funny at the Fringe – REVIEW – Chris Parker: Camp Binch

Ed Fringe 2019

Chris Parker: Camp Binch

Location: Assembly George Square Studios-Five (Venue 17)

Dates: Aug 1-25

Time: 18.50

Price: £9 (eligible for Friends 2for1)



I went along to New Zealand comic Chris Parker’s show on recommendation from a friend with little preconception/ any idea at all about what his show was about. By the end I had cried twice, let every weird uncontrollable laugh I have in my repertoire out and decided I want him to be my new best pal.

Chris is one of those magical beings that exude warmth and hilarity, who I’m pretty sure could make you laugh even if he was telling you he’d run over your cat or stole your bike. The show is a coming of age reflection on growing up gay, told through a self-deprecating look at some childhood photos and experiences. We get to follow Chris’s ups and downs, navigating the feeling of otherness from the big boys and finding comfort in the drama department.  Its equal parts hilarious and moving and manages to include a couple of original songs and some character acting for good measure. Just a really lovely way to spend an hour at the Fringe.

RATING: ***** 5 stars

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