Magic At The Fringe – REVIEW – Tom Brace, Brace Of Spades

The room is big bright and full of lots of space and that is great for a family fun show because it gives the acts on stage a chance to really use the space that they have been given. Tom Brace is a magician that prides himself on comedy as well as making the impossible happen. The show is aimed at families but it a fun show for adults as well.

The opening of the show is fun, bright full of lights and vibrant and that is how the show continues throughout. Tom is a great presenter and host and makes everyone feel extremely welcome right from the start and that is a good thing to do as a magician because it really immerses you into their world.

The whole show is highly energetic and good fun, it is very audience participation heavy but it is a magic show after all however Tom does it in such a way that you do not actually mind being put on the spot to take part in a trick.

There are many highlights of the show but the biggest one is the comedy. When you see a magician you always expect the same old thing but Tom has taken the idea of magic and approached it at a completely different angle.

There are many fun parts of the show and this include trick involving Newspapers, staplers,Wikipedia and a contraction at the end of the show that every adult would be super jealous that they do not get to be picked to be part of the trick.

Even when Tom is approached with problems out of his hands he is very good at improvising and keeping the audience engaged whilst also laughing it off. There is an audience participation section called Who Wants To be a Shortbread Millionaire and the day I saw it sadly the phone a friend didn’t work but that didn’t matter because Tom still won the audience over and crested comedy on the spot.

This show is a great comedy magic show that is fun for all the family, it is silly, it is clever and also the production values are also extremely effective. Go for the magic, stay for Toms charm and comedy.

Rating: **** 4 Stars 

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