Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Spooks

Welcome to the article where we celebrate pop groups that you may of completely forgot about their music or may not of heard of them before and want to listen to something new! Today we look at an American hip Hop group that were around mid nineties to the mid noughties – Spooks. 

Spooks came from Philadelhia and was formed of Booka-T, Hypno, Ming Xia, Joe Davis and Water Water. The name of their group was inspired by the 1969 novel ‘The Spook Who Sat By The Door’ By Sam Greenlee.

There isn’t that much information in regards to how the band formed but their first album was released in early 2000 and was called S.I.OS.O.S Volume One which stood for ‘Spooks Is On Some Other Shit.’ The album went gold and platnum throughout Europe as it sold over 1,000,000 copies. The album was home to a couple of their singles – ‘Sweet Revenge’ ‘Things I’ve Seen’ and ‘Karma Hotel.’

The second album was called ‘Faster Than You Know’ before it was released Water Water left the group and a few days before it was released he was tragically kiled in a car accident. The album is the home of many songs including Still Gonna Do it, Crazy and Change. Shortly after the album was released, the group disbanded.

So lets have a look at some of their music today.


Sweet Revenge


Karma Hotel 


Still Gonna Do it 

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