Funny At The Fringe – REVIEW – The Kagools

Our Edinburgh Fringe reviewer Becky from Punderstandably went to see the Kagools:

What glorious tomfoolery!  This raincoated duo run the full gamut of emotions in their wonderfully expressive faces, mount a bizarre approximation of a circus show and have the audience in stitches, all without speaking a word.

It’s high energy, upbeat and funny, although be warned that my tried-and-tested tactic of not sitting in the front row or on the aisle, looking away and being in the middle of drinking a drink as they approached didn’t save me from being volunteered to help in the circus- the audience are very much involved. In a fun way of course. It’s a great family show with unflagging energy and commitment- these waterproof jesters perform a masterclass in physical comedy.

High tech projections, detailed choreography and plentiful props really make this a polished production and there’s a trampoline sequence that is worth the ticket price alone.

Rating: **** 4 Stars 

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