The Single Sessions – Say My Name, Red Picasso

Welcome the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the latest single by Red Picasso – Say My Name 


This song starts with a really funky beat that is a very unique melody that is both fresh and unique that welcomes you with both open arms and interest.

Red Picasso voice is soft yet enchanting just what you want from a song like this. The opening verse has lyrics that feel sexy and also sort of a metaphor of the night. Throughout the song there is an echo of female voices that again turn the song into something different as they feel sort of robotic and it feels like they are a metaphor of the thoughts in Red Picasso mind as he sings this song.

The second verse is the highlight of the song as so many words are fitted into it that it creates a different strand whilst also expanding the song on offer.

The chorus is very melodic and has a dance beat that is common in music at the moment whilst also taking it to new heights – it’s a dirty bass line mixed with an electric tone.

The song changes dimension half way through and sloes down and this alteration really emphasis the beat and the drama of the song.

This is a great little song and I reccomend listening to it if you want something fresh to listen to for summer.

Listen to if you like: Years and Years, Adam Lambert, kesha, La Roux, Robin 

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