Poetry Corner – Don’t Let Life Pass You By

A little thing you may not know about me as a reader is that I enjoy writing poetry. I have been writing poems since the age of 13 and find it a good way to write down emotions when I am stressed or got something on my mind. A lot of times I use poetry to expand and exaggerate a feeling but I also find it a great way to relax and let things out of my head. I haven’t really shared a lot of my poetry but I thought for the Phoenix Remix birthday week I would share a few from my archives. I have two notebooks full of my poems but I will only be sharing a handful. Quite a lot of them are pretty personal to me but I thought why not take the leap and share a few.

Today’s Poem I think I wrote when I was swamped down at University with dissertations, work and the wonders of life.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

Don’t just let your life just pass you by,
Take the leap and give everything at least one try,
Don’t just sit there waiting for your life to restart,
When you are torn apart by a broken heart,
Don’t let the words of negativity tan the smile off your face,
Open your eyes and realise life is a short time of space,
Don’t hide the truth that you feel behind a lie,
It can lead to a pain that will make you cry,
Don’t give up fighting for that special someone,
A battle can only be lost if you do not fight for it to be won,
Don’t envy others if you think someone’s better then you,
Realise how amazing you are all the way through,
Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go the way you plan,
Everything happens for a reason and will work out where it can,
Don’t follow the crowd and be like everyone else out there,
Dare to be different and show you don’t care,
Don’t lock yourself behind closed doors and block everyone out,
If you need to let it go scream and really shout,
So make the most of life and jump right in,
To the depths of the world and enjoy the swim!

Written 5/1/11

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