Poetry Corner – Cow and Pigeon

A little thing you may not know about me as a reader is that I enjoy writing poetry. I have been writing poems since the age of 13 and find it a good way to write down emotions when I am stressed or got something on my mind. A lot of times I use poetry to expand and exaggerate a feeling but I also find it a great way to relax and let things out of my head. I haven’t really shared a lot of my poetry but I thought for the Phoenix Remix birthday week I would share a few from my archives. I have two notebooks full of my poems but I will only be sharing a handful. Quite a lot of them are pretty personal to me but I thought why not take the leap and share a few.

Today’s Poem is one I wrote in 2011 and actually won me tickets for a Pigeon Detectives gig.

Cow and Pigeon

There once was a cow that was different from the rest,
He was purple all over apart from his chest,
His chest was a white shade which was covered with black dots,
And inside of the black there was tiny purple spots.
All the other cows were mean and horrible to him,
So he had no friends or anybody to love him,

On a sunny day in spring the purple cow ran away,
Into a magical forest just beyond the bundles of hay,
The purple cow was only about a yard in,
When he was suddenly approached by a tiny little thing,
A little grey bird that had really large wings,
The bird was a big fat fluffy wood Pigeon.

“Coo, coo, hello there why do you look so sad?
I see you are a purple cow that is really really rad.”
“No one is nice to me because of the way I am,
So I am running away to somewhere that is my plan”
The Pigeon had an idea even though it was mean,
“Leave those nasty little cows to me”


So in the middle of the night when the herd was asleep,
The Pigeon creeped up to them being as silent as a sheep,
He picked up a paintbrush in between his beak,
And started to paint the cows trying not to coo or speak.
The next day the purple cow rejoined the cows that are mean,
To find them coloured orange, yellow, red, indigo and green,
“That will teach those horrible moos,
To ever make fun of my awesome purple cow friend that is you!”

Written 7/4/11

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