Comedy Book Corner – Too Much Information: Or: Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think! Dave Gorman

It is a world where we are saturated everyday with lots of words and advertising in every shape or form, this book by Dave Gorman goes behind the worlds most infuriating things about the modern world and aims to look at them in both a funny and structured way.

The book, Too Much Information has 39 chapters but do not allow that to put you off because every chapter is as entertaining as the last as they all focus on different topics that are everything fro social media to adverts you see in the newspaper. In true Dave Gorman Fashion he has a interesting and hilariously quirky twist and opinion on all of the facts that he talks about.

Out of all of the books that I have read by Dave Gorman, I feel that this is a book that everyone can relate to, so even if you think that his past topics have been a bit niche then this is quite the opposite. Some of the highlight topics in the book include one about iPhone Poster tweets, the clock being the same in every advert by one company and the stock images used to describe new stories.

In a world full of so much information it can be hard to filter out the spam, this book really is a great insight into the modern world and really allows you to feel engaged and take a step back to think about modern day society.

Readability Rating: 8/10 

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