Improv Diaries – The Brighton Fringe Diaries [Case Study: City Impro ]

This week I have been at Brighton Fringe so this week it is an ACTUAL diary as I have written diary entries – enjoy!



Hello, today I travelled down to Brighton with Sarah to perform at the fringe for Laugh Island. We arrived at the City Impro HQ around midday and were welcomed to a wonderful house, three stories high with about 4 bedrooms with loads of rooms – it is really nice. Sharing a room with Kate.

Today we did Brighton Fringe City  – this is sort of like being a street artist, you have 10 minute set where you have to convince people walking past, int he local pubs etc to watch while you try and promote your show anyway you can. We did a game of story story die which actually went down quite well with the audience. After the set we then went down to the Warren to flyer an try to get as many people as we could to interact and take photos with the photo board we had and it worked really well.


After all the flyering was done, we went back to City Impro HQ to do a dress rehearsal to get used to the outfit changes, styles etc. It was actually quite frantic changing that quickly but the show was coming together which was fun.

After rehearsal we had just enough time to have some dinner and then to get ready for the heading to the venue. From 3pm to showtime, it goes so fast that you loose track of the time. At around 8:30pm we reached the venue then it was time to do tech etc. It again was a fast turn around, It is crazy how quick time goes, then it was showtime.


First show sold out and the suggestions were really random (I was William The Conqueror who loved World War 2) but we owned it and got a great audience response. It was such a buzz. Clothing changes throughout was frantic madness – you are so lost in the moment you sort of just throw things off not really caring who is around. I don’t get how people like Gaga do it, they are mental. Fantastic first day – love these guys!


Hello, today woke up tired but ready for a busy day! Started with breakfast with the group but then had to head out to go and review a show for Edinburgh Fringe bumping into Improvisers from the UK on the way which was great fun. On the way back to the house helped flyer with a few of City Impro then went back to do another rehearsal as new people were down for the show and we were playing different roles. We had a quick dinner then went and flyered all the way up to show time.


In this show I was playing a ‘threat’ – this meant That I come on halfway through the show and tried to disrupt everything happening in the villas and try to break up the couples. It was a really interesting playing this role because it was completely out of my comfort zone because I had to be this really over flirty dominant woman that would stand out and interfere etc.

We did a theme restaurant game where I had to play the straight person whilst doing the dominant character and it was quite hard – i think mainly because I was getting lost in my thoughts a lot of the time worried I wasn’t playing the character right.


I was voted off pretty early but the audience reacted really well to the partners that were on the stages as they were given really great quirks so had a feeling it was going to happen. It was a great audience and another great show!


Hello! Today started off really chilled with breakfast with the gang, went shopping late morning with the girls to sort of break up the festival and chill out a little bit away from all the comedy.


In the afternoon I met up with Paul and Sarah, we first went down to the Warren to do a bit of flyering and drop off some of our outfits then we headed to a pub to see a stand up comedian that was playing in the afternoon. Just before the comedian started Paul accidentally knocked two drinks over me but to be honest, it was the most exciting and entertaining thing that happened in the room because the comedian, sad to say was dire. It was not the show that was promoted and it was a weird room all in all so yeah, having a refreshing beer coke flavoured shower was definitely the highlight!

After the show I went back to the house to have a quick dinner and a change as was popping out again to go and see another show that I was reviewing, this time for Camden Fringe. The show I was reviewing starred Sarah, Paul and Boyd who were also in Laugh Island – it was so interesting seeing them play more of a serious role in a show and really show how adaptable they are (read more about them here ) . In the show tonight was given the quirk of being someone obsessed with Sci Fi Porn — i don’t know what ones exist (apparently one of the ones I said was a real film XD ) BUT I am in a group called PUNderstandably so being able to use our groups special skill worked and even though i got voted off (againnnnnnnnnnn) at least I played to my strengths.


Another sold out show and funnily enough the only show with actual Love Island fans in the audience!

I loved the weekend above so much and I am so glad I spent it with such a lovely bunch of people. The rest of the week has felt very empty not being with those guys but I absolutely loved every second and that is why this week our case study is:

Case Study: City Impro


The guys at City Impro really deserve the shout out this week as they put so much effort and hard work into everything that they do. Since moving back to London in 2016, their name has always been one that has buzzed around the circuit – originally I never really knew who they were just the name and then I interviewed them about the Shoreditch Improv Festival which did not click it was them until the last few months.

I was super impressed at firstly how organised they are – Punders is pretty organised as a team but seeing another team being super organised plays straight into my heart strings because we work a lot in advance and planning and I don’t always see it from other teams but this one had it on. Secondly they are a really friendly bunch – when you are usually with that amount of people there can be maybe the odd one you just don’t get on with but I didn’t get that at all – each and everyone of them was lovely and I adored being around them because they are very friendly, welcoming and really make you feel like you are part of the team.

When Camden Fringe happened last year they were advertising for performers and it was so funny within a week I had contacted them on Facebook which they never saw and then they contacted us on Twitter to perform without even knowing that we had contacted them first. It is so funny how things turn out. Last year they made myself and fellow Punder James feel very welcome and part of the show and I was so surprised and chuffed to be asked to go to perform with them this year.

So this post is dedicated to a team that I have known for ages but only have really got to of known properly recently. Thank you and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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