Improv Corner – Rejection On Stage

I wanted to write about this topic as it is something that has happened to me recently and I am sure that others have experience the same ‘rejection’.

Last week I was at Brighton Fringe with City Impro and no matter what I was given on stage I was always voted off by the audience before the final. It was only me that happened to be voted off every show and it is really hard at times to not take it personally. However when I say back I obviously realised its just a game but when it happens every night it does get to you which is soooo silly but hey, I am only human!

So how do you deal with on stage rejection by the audience?

Firsly and most importantly remember its only a show (think of Brian Connelly saying ‘it’s a puppettttt’ but replace it with ‘it’s a shoowwwww’) again when you are in the moment it can be really hard to disassociate with this.

The one thing that I learnt from my experience above is that if you get voted off any sort of improv based Gameshow early you recall need to sit back and really think about whether your gave the audience your all?

When I look back at the first two nights of Laugh Island I totally get why I was voted off – the first night I was given a weird suggestion that I couldnt associate with and the second night I was playing a character way out of my comfort zone. What I learnt going into the third night was give them everything you have!

Now, it’s stupid, I had a little cry after the third show which is insanely silly. I knew I had played a good show, I felt it in the whole of me and the audience reacted super well to my character. It was a great show everyone really upped the stakes and statistically mine was bound to leave as my character was sex hungry and the audience wanted the love of the couples. I totally understand.

I was given the quirk of being someone obsessed with sci fi porn. So throughout the show I started playing a game with myself to see how dirty and creative I could get with the sci fi Puns. It worked a treat and the audience laughed a lot and I also saw a few of my team breaking character slightly to laugh at what I said. When I get a suggestion the audience think they are being clever I love reacting and seeing how far I can go and apparently the audience were shocked and amused at times as to what I said. That makes me very happy.

In the moment of actual stage rejection you don’t think about it logically you are self absorbed and take it 100% personally but if you know you have done your best and got the laughs you deserve then that’s all that matters.

In the words of my favourite film Singing in The Rain ‘Make Em Laugh’ and ‘dignity always remember dignity’

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