Improv Diaries – Characters and All Change.. [ Case Study: Improbotics Ltd ]

This week was the last rehearsal before heading down to Brighton Fringe in a couple of weeks so it was focused on making sure that the Laugh Island show worked and making sure that everyone knew what they were doing. There are a lot of people involved in the show so making sure everyone knows what they are doing and where is highly important.

We started off the rehearsals by warming up and focusing on scene work that was very character based – due to the fact that the show is very character based, this is a very important exerciser to do to get into the mind set. We did scenes where we would enter deciding to ourselves whether we want to lead with our emotions, character, quirk choice. It was good fun to see these characters in these situations and worked really well and created some fun outcomes.

This week at Punders HQ we saw the return of Jake and Sonja Hooray! They have both been busy little bees recently so it has been lovely to have them back in the room and working towards our June show. Due to the sad news of what has happened this week in regards to Jeremy Kyle, we have had to put to bed Nursery Rhyme Chat show. It was a game we really enjoyed playing but due to the events on the show that we base our game on we felt it was in bad taste to continue it. So Nursery Rhyme Chat Show may be put into retirement but we have huge ideas as to how to create new games with Nursery Rhymes so they will be back but in a different format and style…watch this space.

This week we decided to play through a bunch of games that we are planning on doing in our June Show and it as god fun to get a flavour as to how they are going to be played in the show. It was great fun and look forward to up and coming rehearsals.

Case Study – Improbotics


There was only one group I wanted to talk about this week and whilst I know a lot of the members in this group, I specifically today though want to talk about three of their members – Paul, Sarah and Boyd. These three improvisers are not just part of Improbotics they are also in the show with me that is going to Brighton Fringe.

The reason that I wanted to make these three my Case Study this week is because I really enjoy their character work. Before we went into the rehearsal for the show we did a few warm up exercises that were all focused on walking into a scene already deciding what is going to lead your character – an emotion, a character trait, a quirk or something else.

It was so fun watching Paul, Sarah and Boyd at work, their character work is so committed that it was really great to watch. So much so, that I kept forgetting to either walk in on scenes or to go up to do a scene as I was enjoying their character work so much. If you get to see any of these three people perform – do it!

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