The Games That Time Forgot – Marvel Super Heroes, Sega Saturn

Today we look at a fighting video game that was released on Sega Saturn in 1997 – Marvel Super Heroes. The game was published and developed by Capcom. It was based loosely on the narrative of the comic book storyline The Infinity Gauntlet.

In the game you have to play as different Marvel characters who then fight each other using their special abilities and powers. If you reach the top of your super meter you get to perform a powerful infinity combo.

When you defeat certain characters you can obtain one of the Infinity Gems ad these can be used to give you more enhanced effects for a short amount of time. You can play as a number of characters including Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Spiderman, Captain America, Thanos and Wolverine.

The game received good reviews with some critics praising its refreshing change and fun gameplay that it has.

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