The Games That Time Forgot – Mario Paint, SNES

Today we look at a Mario game that you may not of heard of and if you have, you may of forgot that it even existed. Mario Paint was released in 1992. It was developed by Nintendo R&D1 Intelligent Systems and it was published by Nintendo.

The game was packaged with Super NES Mouse so that you could play the game. The computer game is basically an art tool where you can draw and such more. In the game it has 60 different textures and 15 different stamps. Throughout the game you can also create either static images or simple animations.

The game is also full of a few mini games that you can play as well. One of them is called Gnat Attack which is a fly swatting game. Another mini game is on the home screen where you click on different letters of Mario Paint and they do different things including the music changing, Yoshi moving across the screen or Mario shrinking.

The game is ranked extremely positive with review and scored 105 in the “Top 125 Nintendo Games of All Time.” On IGN

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