The Games That Time Forgot – Bust-A-Move 4, PlayStation One

Today we look at a game that was actually a huge part of my childhood that I spent many a time playing with my family and getting very competitive against with. Bust A Move 4 or Puzzle Bobble 4 was released in 1998 on the PlayStation – it was Developed by Taito Corporation and Published by Taito Corporation as well.

The computer game originally was an arcade game which, if you play it you can totally see that the elements in the game are very themed in this way. The game is sort of platform game where you have to use coloured bubbles to hit the same coloured bubbles off the chain that is moving towards you. The game was one of the first games like this and is probably the reason you play very similar style games now on your smartphones or tablets.

 The game had a total of 640 levels and you had the option to play as a solo or multiplayer mode. As well as an arcade mode there was also a story mode which had different elements to the arcade version as you had to battle bosses throughout the game.

You had the option of playing as different people as well – some of the characters include Bub and Bob, Cleon and Madame Luna who also all have a special attack as well.

I remember playing this a lot in our family growing up and it is a fun little addictive game – it is not just that it is also the music as well – it was really addictive as it had a great little tone to it! Great fun!

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