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The Travel Book – Belowzero Ice Bar, London, United Kingdom

When you visit a capital city the one thing that you want to do is visit a bar that is different and quirky so that when you go back home you can share stories and photos to your friends and families. Well, did you know that there is a bar in London that will make you both hot and cold for stories – quite literally.

Belowzero Ice Bar is located just off of Regent Street nearish to Hamley’s and the Apple Store. It is the UK’s only permanent Ice Bar where you can drink cocktails in -5c conditions. The Ice Bar has many Ice Sculptures and carvings that are altered and changed every year to mix up the conceptions. The Bar itself is complimented by having a Fire Bar and restaurant as well so you can warm up and feast on some food after you have experienced the icy conditions.


Due to the fact the bar is so popular, you have to book for a time slot online to enter it – they only last approximately 45 minutes but trust me when the time is up you will be more then happy to leave as you will want the warmth.

The one thing I couldn’t find out when I went there was about how to dress and had to look at the photos on social to pretty much guess. Well, I am happy to provide the information I couldn’t find.  Make sure that you wear clothing that covers your body as you will get cold, the venue does provide you with a coat with thick gloves but you still may get cold.

cofThe cost of the ticket starts from £16 per person but it depends on what sort of cocktail you want to drink when you enter the bar as you get the first one free. The drinks are served in a glass made of ice and are really fun to experience to drink out of as they melt against the heat of your mouth.

If you haven’t been to Belowzero then I would recommend it. It is a fun experience and whilst you may only ever go there once it will be an experience you will not forget in a hurry.

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