The Games That Time Forgot – Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation, Game Boy Advance

Today we look at a game that was released on the Gameboy Advanced and made use of the in built functions that the new portable gaming system brought to the market. Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation (or Yoshi Topsy Turvey if you were in America) was a platform game that was released in 2005 and was developed by Artoon and Published by Nintendo.

In the Game, Bowser is creating havoc on Yoshi Island and a book spirit traps the whole island – the aim of the game is to try and lock Bowser away to try and get rid of the spirit. To do this you have to go on an adventure through the books chapters to try and find the spirit.

The whole game works by using the GameBoy Advance’s tilt function – you have to move the console side to side to defeat the enemies and work your way around the level. When this happens you roll around the game and can knock over enemies with pendulums and bouncing over items. Each of the levels is controlled by a spirit that has an obsession – such as loves money, fast things, strength etc.

The game received average reviews from critics although a lot of people were not keen on the name (and that is probably why it got changed for the American audience). The games tilt functions were called ‘graceless and clumsy’ by one reviewer and people didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t play the game comfortably on the Game Boy Advance SP.

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