Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Made In London

Today we look at a band that was around for the year of 2000 and was another girl group that had to take on the influx of bands that were around at that time, welcome to the world of Made In London.

Made in London were signed to RCA and was made up of band members Kelly Bryant, Sherene Dyer and Marianne Eide. There is not much about the trio that I could find online, however from what I have read they seemed to do quite well online back in the noughties, sadly that did not reflect in the relation to the single success.

They released a number of singles including Shut Your Mouth, which had a lot of popularity back then in 2000 and Wishing Well. Their most popular hit was called Dirty Water which reached number 15 in the UK Charts.

After the release of the Single Shut Your Mouth, it was planned by the record label for the album Perfect Storm to be released. However, due to the fact that the single only reached number 74 in the charts, the album was cancelled.

So lets have a look at the singles that these girls released.


Dirty Water


Wishing Well 

One thought on “Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Made In London

  1. Kevin says:

    The album is really good! There were a few promotional ones distibuted, and you can sometimes find them for sale online.

    They should have done better.


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