Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Bellefire

Today we look at a Irish girl group that were around at the end of the nineties and beginning of the noughties – Bellefire. The girlband was formed in 1999 at an audition process that was held by Louis Walsh and Josh Reynolds. The original plan for the group was to make it mixed of both genders however, the male auditions were so bad they ended up thinking against it.

The aim of the group was to create a band that was aimed at a more ‘mature and niche’ audience in the pop market.  The first time the band performed they did so under the name of Chit Chat and also as a support act to Boyzone.

Their first two singles Perfect Bliss and All I Want Is You went into the top twenty in the UK with their highest position being number 18 in the UK and number 2 in Ireland. The album they recorded together was called After the Rain and it was initially only released in Japan, it was meant to be released elsewhere however, the record label dropped them out of the blue and it never went ahead.  They also went onto try and release the album Spin the Wheel in 2004 however again it was cancelled in the UK the release. So lets have a look at some of their music today.

Say Something Anyway


Perfect Bliss 


All I Want Is You 

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