Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Before Dark

Today we look at an American R&B band that had a career at the end of the nineties and early noughties. Before Dark was made up of sisters Arike Rice and Jeni Rice Genzuk and their friend Mia Wright.

The group were signed to the record label RCA and released their debut single called Baby in 1999. The song reached number 48 in the US R&B chart, they then went onto release their second single called Come Correct as well that year and it only reached 93.

Their debut album was called Daydreamin’ and it was the only album to ever be released by the girls. The album was originally delayed because it was due to be available to the public a year before it actually was; this was because the first two singles were not very successful.

In 2000, the girls released their third single called Monica which was their most successful song to date. The song went to number 88 in the US Hot 100, number 41 in the US R&B chart and then in at number 22 in the US Rhythmic.

So whilst this group didn’t have the best success, lets have a look at some of their music today!





Come Correct

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