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I love to travel as I am sure you aware from all of the articles I write on a weekly basis. I ever so often keep diaries but sometimes when you are on the move it can be hard to remember to keep them up. One of the times I did write every day was when I lived in NYC for three months in the summer of 2010. As part of our university course we had to do work experience, I knew one of my friends was going abroad so I thought I would join them and take a jump and go to NYC. I was 21 and it was my first time travelling on my own so I wanted to document it. So, this month I am going to share some of my diaries as well as some articles here and there about certain things I visited in NYC.



Arrived in New York, long haul flight, very tired. At my friends partner appointment for a few days, had some pizza. Hello NY! It’s 4am in the UK – very tired – night!

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 13.15.19

The airplane



Today woke up at 5:30am NYC time (10:30am in UK time) thanks to jet lag. Had breakfast at a diner, had pancakes with fruit was really nice. Walked a lot of areas today about 10 miles-ish. Went and saw the Empire State, Chrysler, Time Square, Toys R Us, Central Park, Central Station, Trump Tower etc.  Had lunch / dinner at 5 Napkins and had a cheese burger, caramelised onion and fries. Went to Phantom of the Opera tonight as well, it was amazing and had a tour of the set as well.

night night

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 13.16.22

The burger I ate at Five Napkins



Today  we walked to the Natural History Museum, it was $10 to get in and was huge! There was so much there! Very different to Night At the Museum but was interesting. Also walked around Central Park, it is so pretty. Had lunch/dinner at Chipotle and had a chicken burrito.


Ticket to the museum



Today went for a walk to Macys area, went into Madison Square Gardens then went and looked inside Macys which has 9 floors! We went and saw a chef cook a cucumber and melon soup, and a kale salad which we got to sample. Went past the Empire State and went and viewed the Flat Iron building. We went to a buffet for lunch which I tried loads of interesting food. My friends partner bought me a cupcake today it was amazing but very sweet.


One of the recipes from Macys



Today went to the Bronx and moved in at the uni! Took the train to Botanical Garden from Grand Central Station. Met some of the team and got showed to my room which is huge. Two beds, two wardrobes, a huge desk and a nice shower. Went and got a bagel from the deli and spoke to two NYPD officers, they were friendly and told me about the area. Had dinner in Mcdonalds.

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